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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A final post.

I've been busy for a while, training to be a journalist. It looks like Keep or Cull has come to an end as a project.

I just want to thank everyone who enjoyed my writing. I'm still very active, writing about art and music, interview lots of interesting people, and getting my work out there in some real publications.

I've been doing a lot of cultural journalism with the Yorkshire Post and will be doing work for the Guardian in the next few weeks.

Please check out what I've been up to at and say hi on Twitter @Jon_Cronshaw.

Keep or Cull will always be a special thing for me, and will remind me of the time I was unemployed before my son was born and needed something to write about.

I had a read through the Kindle book of Keep or Cull the other day, and it made me realise how much fun I had doing writing about music and memory. The project made me fall in love with music again, and hopefully it inspired a few others to take a look at their CD racks and decide whether the album is one to keep, or one for the charity shop.

- Jon.

You can follow me on Twitter @Jon_Cronshaw. You can also support the site by purchasing the Keep or Cull ebook for Amazon Kindle. Thank you.


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